Monday, November 15, 2010

Underage Cheerleaders

I was thinking about mini cheer camps.. and it kind of dawned on me that when we let little girls and boys come and learn to be cheerleaders they want to be exactly like their "leader". So lets say that the cheerleaders have their uniforms on and the tops show stomach and their skirts are in the upper leg region. The child is going to go home and ask their moms and dads on the day they perform if they can have shorter skirts and shorter tops. I think especially when a girl or boy is underage the coaches need to be sure to have the squad dress modestly. What happens when a squad member goes home, shows their parents the uniforms they are supposed to cheer in and their parents say OH MY GOSH! That is to revealing for my child? Is there even any parents out there that have done so? I know when I was in the 9th grade and the older girls on my squad made their skirts shorter, I asked to make mine shorter as well. I wanted to be EXACTLY like the older girls. Looking back I can't believe I wore a skirt that short. Even when I wasn't in my cheer uniform my skirts or dresses would be short, just because I got comfortable with that lenght. I really should have wore longer outfits, and think that girls these days need to lengthen what they wear daily. Going anywhere that has a cheer team, you will see the girls who are used to wearing short things, will wear shorter outfits in their daily lives. What do you all think? Say you wear a short skirt for hours everyday and then its finally time to wear normal clothes, are you more likely to wear a shorter or tight fitting skirt or shirt, or loose baggy sweat pants, and be comfortable?


  1. I have though about cheerleading along the same lines as you. There is a weird Lolita element to them. Why is it necessary to have the mid drifts exposed and very short skirts? I thought the point of a cheerleader is to encourage the team, not give a strip-tease. It is a way of socializing girls to think and act sexually in some ways. We need to back up and put some clothes on these girls.

  2. Well-said, Daniel. Cheerleading in general is great. Get the fans fired up, yell in unison, it can be really envigorating. But at some point, it becomes a sex thing, and you nailed it with the Lolita reference. I think high school cheerleader outfits might be more for the dads in the audience than anyone else. Look, but don't touch. I bet it can be pretty confusing for a lot of parties involved.

  3. The morals of society are going down hill. Television,radio, movies,magazines, clothing, see sexual references everywhere and its only going to get worse. This world is in need of a change for the better.